The Podium of Leadership (POL) is a contribution towards the vision of bridging the sustainable development gap between Africa and America. Upon his return from America to Nigeria in the year 2012 to accept a government appointment; the Host/Executive Producer of the POL noticed an opportunity for participative communication on Radio and TV.

The POL was established as the first 'Do Show' in our society instead of just a 'Talk Show'. It supports active and practical small steps to be taken towards the empowerment of the younger generation for sustainable development.

The POL gives Nigerian youth the intellectual opportunity to harness, develop and project their leadership skills and ideas for local and global sustainability as a means of nation building.

Participants of The Podium of Leadership (POL) are motivated and inspired to avail themselves of the available human and natural resources in their local communities and Nigeria in general to make a difference no matter how small.

Our sense of mission and purpose is educational and entrepreneurial re-orientation towards local and global sustainability through transformative discourse and inspiration to:

1. Enlighten the general populace on issues of good governance, business, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and academic leadership

2. Stimulate public participation in corporate governance and public policy implementation for sustainable development

3. Encourage entrepreneurs and professionals to work together in taking our society to the next level.

Youths are encouraged to pilot their in-built talents and untapped ideas through the guidance of successful role models. They are also given the opportunity to proffer lasting solutions for real societal problems and impediments using their expertize from diverse academic field of studies towards the next level of nation building.

The Radio/TV aspects of theThe Podium of Leadership (POL) lasted for over three years and was carried on two TV and five Radio stations covering Abia, Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Rivers States of Nigeria with a reach of over 10 million people.

Several young and emerging professionals have been mentored to embrace private sector business culture instead of depending on government. The mentoring emphasis has been entrepreneurship, sustainability and effective leadership of the younger generation of Nigerians in their chosen fields.

The The Podium of Leadership (POL) is now on social media for nation building and leadership education; e-commerce interactions and state-by-state nation building engagements. Welcome to the Podium of Leadership – ThePOLwithVictorUdo!